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Staff Biographies

Alan Beatts

abAlan Beatts is the founder of Borderlands. Prior to opening the store, Alan worked in a number of positions in the Law Enforcement / Private Security field after studying Administration of Justice in college. He worked as (among other things) a firearms instructor, offensive/defensive driving instructor (a job that influences his habits even now, as anyone who drives with him c

an tell you), bodyguard, strike security officer and private investigator. After many years in that field he decided that a change might be nice.

Pursuing his love of bars and nightclubs, Alan worked for three years as a nightclub promoter and DJ in the San Francisco goth and industrial scene. This led, by some unknown process, to managing a motorcycle repair shop. After managing a few other businesses he realized two things: that he absolutely loved running businesses and that he wasn't really cut out to work for someone else. Retail businesses had always interested him and, combined with his love of books and SF, the choice seemed obvious. About six months later, Borderlands was the result.

It was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

In his free time Alan does recreational woodworking and cabinetry (he built most of the furniture and shelves in the store), reads as much as he ever did, and still enjoys two of the fixtures of his past careers -- shooting and dancing (NOT, as some may claim, at the same time).

Jude Feldman

jfJude Feldman, Borderlands' General Manager, wears a lot of black, because she has no color matching sense and can't be bothered to develop any. She is a former liberal arts student, welder, scenic tech, and computer micro-assembly technician who was swallowed by this marvelous science fiction, fantasy and horror bookstore in 2001.

She hasn't really been seen since.

Before that, she held a variety of jobs including one where she got hit in the head with cardboard wine boxes for nearly a whole day before quitting. Jude handles all of Borderlands' special orders, a lot of new and used book-buying, and everything else that no one else wants to handle. She lives in San Francisco, has a minor obsession with the store's hairless cat, and finds it pretentious to refer to herself in the third person.

Cary Heater

chCary Heater has no actual physical existence outside of Borderlands. She is the ruthless mistress of returns as well as being the number one clerk at the shop. When the store closes, we fold her up and store her in the bottom of Jude's desk drawer.

She quite likes this existence.


 Jeremy Lassen

jlJeremy Lassen won the World Fantasy Award for his publishing and editing work. He has worked at independent bookstores for 20 years, and reads broadly in the science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror genres, as well as "mainstream" fiction. The depth and breadth of his knowledge is staggering, and he is modest to boot. He can usually be found at Borderlands on Sundays, and is always happy to give a book recommendation, or an opinion on just about any subject. His favorite game is Name That Book. "Don't know the author, or the title of the book?  That's okay. I'll figure it out.  What color was the cover?"