Sell Us Your Books

Borderlands Books is not currently accepting used books for cash from the general public but we are accepting them for store credit. We only do cash book buying with our sponsors. If you’re a sponsor and would like to sell your books for cash, please drop Alan or Scott an email and we’ll be happy to make arrangements with you.

What we’re looking for

Used science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror books (and, very occasionally, other items – graphic novels by certain authors, odd or unusual coffee table books – if they will appeal to our customers). We DO NOT accept movie, TV, or gaming tie-in books (like Star Trek, Halo, or Forgotten Realms) or role-playing gaming books (like GURPS or Dungeons and Dragons).

Store credit may be used to purchase anything in the store, used or new, and does not expire. What we will “pay” for your books is based on the price we plan to charge - it will be 50% of our selling price in store credit, or 25% in cash.

Except when we’re buying collectible or unusually desirable titles, our selling price will be roughly half the original cover price – i.e., if you sell us a used paperback with a cover price of $7.99, we’d then be planning to charge $4.00 for it, so we’d offer you $2.00 in trade.

Alan Beatts, the owner, and Jude Feldman, the General Manager, do all the actual book buying, though the clerk up front may well be able to give you a general feel as to which of your books we’d likely be interested in.

We have found that it is most convenient for our customers and staff to handle most book purchasing on a drop-off basis. You can come by anytime and drop your books off. After you’ve left your books with us, we’ll look over them as soon as possible, and then we’ll contact you, to let you know what we can offer for them in trade. We’ll let you know how much (and, if you already had store credit, your new total credit), add it into our database, and then you can use that any time thereafter. We’ll also let you know if we had to decline any of the books (which you can then retrieve from us).

One important warning – we’re congenitally short of storage space, and so our rule is that, if we’ve contacted you about any books we turned down, and you haven’t picked them up or contacted us within two weeks of dropping them off, we have to assume you’re abandoning them, and donate them. We’d be much happier not doing this to you, so PLEASE be sure to drop by within that two-week time-frame, so we don’t have to.

If you have a situation that doesn’t exactly fit within these guidelines – you have rare books that you’re not interested in selling below a certain price, it’s a collection too large to carry to the store – you’ll need to talk to the owner directly. Just give the clerk up front your name & phone number (or drop us an email), and the clerk will pass this info along to the owner, who’ll get back to you as soon as possible.