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The following links will get you to a number of useful on-line sources of information about the SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror genre as well as the sites of a number of other excellent bookstores.

Online Resources

Borderlands is a Proud Sponsor of . . . Movie Magazine International - Great movie reviews and more.

Do you like used bookstores?  Check out this listing of stores all over the US.  We Sell Used Books

Horror Writer's Association

Internet Movie Database - Get info, ratings and reviews. Also pre-release information.

Locus Magazine Online - One of the top magazines in the field for release information, convention listings, and general news.

Science Fiction Writers of America

SFF Net - Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Network.

Sinister Visions - Web design, graphic design, illustration & much more.

World Horror Convention

World Fantasy Convention

World Sci-Fi Convention

Reader's Circle - Online directory for book clubs and reading groups

Other Genre Stores

Dangerous Visions (Sherman Oaks)

Dark Carnival (Berkeley)

Dark Delicacies (Burbank)

Dreamhaven Books and Comics (Minneapolis)

Handee Books (San Jose)

Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego)

The Other Change of Hobbit (Berkeley)

The SF Mystery Bookstore (San Francisco)

The Stars Our Destination (Chicago)

Authors Who Have Done Events at Borderlands

Kevin J. Anderson

Peter S. Beagle (unofficial site)

David Brin

Michael Cadnum (unofficial site)

Ramsey Campbell

Jacqueline Carey

Alan M. Clark

Douglas Clegg

Ellen Datlow

Stephen Dedman

Sara Douglas

Mick Farren

Karen Joy Fowler

Brian and Wendy Froud


Lisa Goldstein

Keith Hartman

Howard V. Hendrix

Brian Herbert

Brian Hodge

Authors Who Have Done Events at Borderlands

P.C. Hodgell

Shelley Jackson

Jemiah Jefferson

Tina L. Jens

Brian Keene

Greg Kihn

Lee Killough

Mindy L. Klasky

Richard Laymon

Edward Lee

Kelly Link

George R.R. Martin

Patricia McKillip (unofficial site)

Mary Ann Mitchell

Pat Murphy

William Nolan

Norm Partridge

Claudius Reich

Chris Roberson

Frank Robinson (unofficial site)

Thomas Roche

Michaela Roessner

Selina Rosen

Rudy Rucker

Dave Smeds

Sean Stewart

Newton Streeter

Michael Swanwick

Cecilia Tan

Karen E. Taylor

Amy Thompson

Mark W. Tiedemann

Harry Turtledove

Edo van Belkom

Eric Van Lustbader

Katherine Vaz

Ken Wharton

Tad Williams

Terry Windling

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro