Privacy Policy

Borderlands fully supports our customers’ rights to privacy. We have developed the following standards to protect them. If you have any suggestions, observations or questions about these standards, please contact the owner, Alan Beatts at

  1. We do not put customers on our mailing list unless they specifically request it.
  2. If you request to be put on our mailing list, we will use the information that you provide to send you our email newsletter and other occasional notices of interest.
  3. We will remove you from our mailing list within 24 hours of receiving a request from you that we do so.
  4. We will not sell or give away any information that we have about our customers, especially email addresses or other contact information, to any other agency or individual. The only exception to this standard is if we are compelled to do so by court order. If we are so compelled, will make all reasonable, legal efforts to resist such an order.
  5. We do not keep records of titles that our customers buy (though, at your request, we may keep records of titles that you are looking for).