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  1. To create a retail and mail order business that provides a comprehensive selection of good quality and reasonably priced books and other items of interest for readers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and Horror Fiction.
  2. The staff and management of the store will be helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go any reasonable distance to assist our customers, whatever their needs may be.
  3. In addition to being a viable business, this store will be a social and professional center for readers, writers, publishers, reviewers, artists and other individuals with a strong interest in the fields of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Macabre Fiction.
  4. The business locations, both physical and virtual, will be as attractive, clean and well organized as it is possible for the management and staff to make them.
  5. The business will actively support both the professional and artistic community of which it is part and the neighborhood in which it is located. This support will primarily be in the form of goods, services and volunteer efforts.