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Events and News from Borderlands Books

May, 2006

Chapter One - Event Information, News, and Special Feature

John Picacio art show and book premiere, Thursday, May 11th at 8:00 pm

World Horror Convention Group Signing , Thursday, May 11th at 8:00 pm

World Horror Convention in San Francisco, Thursday, May 11th - Sunday, May 14th

Borderlands Party at the World Horror Convention, Friday, May 12th at 9:00 pm

Terry Bisson and Pat Murphy at New College of California (777 Valencia Street), Tuesday, May 16 at 7:00 pm.  (There is a $4 charge for this event.)

Alan Dean Foster, Saturday, May 20th at 1:00 pm

Michael Cadnum, Saturday, May 20th at 3:00 pm

Donald Sidney-Fryer, Saturday, May 20th at 5:00 pm

James Tiptree Awards Anthology vol. 2 event with Michael Blumlein, Ellen Klages, Pat Murphy, and Julie Phillips, Sunday, May 21st at 3:00 pm

Baycon 2006 in San Jose, Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th

Porco Rosso and Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade at Variety's Preview Room in the Hobart Building (582 Market Street), Thursday, June 1st at 7:00 pm

A Wake for Morbid Curiosity Magazine, Saturday, June 3rd at 7:00 pm

Ripley's Birthday Sale, Saturday, June 17th from 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Jacqueline Carey, Sunday, June 18th at 2:00 pm

(for more information check the end of this section)


* Borderlands has stuff!  Show your support for your favorite genre bookstore by picking up a stylish Borderlands logo tee shirt, baseball tee, hoodie, mug, pint glass, or super-keen (and oh-so-practical!) bike messenger bag.  Our logo, recently revamped by Chad Savage, adorns all these nifty items!

* Oft-requested, but until now just a dream -- a science fiction and fantasy writers' group will be meeting at Borderlands!  Founded, facilitated and organized by Jade Livingston, this group will meet at Borderlands the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, beginning May 25th, 2006.

*The first-ever Book Group Expo is happening at the San Jose Convention Center Ballroom and Salons Saturday, June 17th and Sunday June 18th.  Billed as an event for "serious readers having serious fun," during this expo you can meet authors, eat chocolate, attend lively discussions, taste wine, have books signed, browse books and much more!  Tickets are only $28 in advance, and will be on sale right here at Borderlands by mid-May.  For more information, see <>

* Yet another cool interview with Chris Moore mentions Borderlands!  Check it out here: <>

* The Locus Awards 2006 Hall of Fame Awards Weekend will take place June 16 - 18, 2006 at the SF Museum in Seattle, WA.  The weekend will include all sorts of awesome genre events.  Tickets can be purchased online at: <>; by phone: 510-339-9198 (9:30 am - 5:00 pm), or by check, sent to Locus Publications, PO Box 13305, Oakland CA  94611.

*"One of the most popular independent bookstores in San Francisco is up for sale.  A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books, in Opera Plaza, has served as a cultural hub and a haven for book lovers for a generation.  Now, after years of declining sales, owner Neal Sofman hopes to pass the baton.  'My long-term partners want out, and I don't have the capital to buy them out,' Sofman said Thursday.
'I'm talking to a couple of different interested parties.'
Read the complete article here: <>

*News from the World Horror Convention 2007: WHC 2007 is delighted to announce that its newly updated and re-designed website is now available at <>.
Along with features about all the Guests of Honor announced to date - Michael Marshall Smith, Nancy Kilpatrick, John Picacio, Peter Crowther, Don Hutchison and Sephera Giron - there are also pages on Memberships Rates, the Hotel, Travel Information, Advertising Rates and Committee Members, all profusely illustrated.
Over the coming months, many more pages, articles and interviews will be added to the site, including a direct hotel booking link to the Toronto  Downtown Eaton Centre. You can also now join the convention at the special reduced rate of US$85.00 (available until May 20, 2006) via the PayPal buttons at the bottom of every page.

From The Office

This will be short this month because things are pretty busy (check our events to see what I mean).

Really only one thing to say -  Go.  To.  The.  World.  Horror.  Convention! 

It starts in less than a week and it's right in town.  Even if you don't like horror, come to the convention.  WHC has probably the nicest, friendliest, most fun group of attendees of any convention I've ever been to.  I've been going without fail for eight years now and I always have a great time.  There are even single-day memberships available if you don't want to come for the whole weekend <>.

Plus, as if that wasn't enough, on Friday night at the convention we'll be hosting our yearly party.  People say it's one of the high points of the convention.  Most of Borderlands staff will be there.  The ladies dress up.  The guys try to.  And best of all, there's a good chance you'll see us drunk (that happens rarely and almost never when there are witnesses).

The party's free.  So is the booze.  You don't even have to be a member of the convention to come.  And most likely we'll be going 'till sunup (as long as the hotel doesn't shut us down).  So stop by.  We'll be in room 708 and we start at nine on Friday.

Cafe News

Finally it looks like we're actually going to start the construction work.  I won't be convinced until it actually begins but the theory is that the structural repairs will start next week.  Once that's done, we can get the place cleaned up, double-check our plans and put in our permit application.  Watch this space.  Hopefully next month I'll have good news.


Top Sellers At Borderlands

    1) The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson (UK Import)
    2) Firebirds Rising edited by Sharyn November
    3) A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore
    4) The Voyage of the Sable Keech by Neal Asher (UK Import)
    5) Pretender by C.J. Cherryh
    6) Dance of Time by David Drake and Eric Flint
    7) Learning the World by Ken MacLeod
    8) 1634: The Ram Rebellion by Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce
    9) Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds (UK Import)
    10) Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

    1) The City, Not Long After by Pat Murphy
    2) Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan
    3) Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson
    4) Spin by Robert Charles Wilson
    5) Brass Man by Neal Asher (UK Import)
    6) Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card
    7) Cusp by Robert A. Metzger
    8) Cowl by Neal Asher
    9) Dates From Hell by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong and Lori Handeland
    10) Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik

Trade Paperbacks
    1) The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson (UK Import)
    2) Earthcore by Scott Sigler
    3) The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint
    4) Old Man's War by John Scalzi
    5) Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

Notes From a DVD Geek

It’s a busy month at Borderlands, with World Horror swinging into town.  Koji Suzuki is one of the Guests of Honor. . . so be sure to check out the original Ringu, Ringu 2, and Ringu 0 movies, which were based on his novels.  The Ringu Anthology has all three films in one package. 

Other Asian horror films that should not be missed: the Korean horror trilogy is now complete:  Whispering Corridors, Memento Mori, and Wishing Stairs are all out on DVD in the States; three movies concerning a cursed boarding school.  Creepy, ghostly, and filled with nasty murders.  Excellent stuff.

Moving back to Japan, the director of The Grudge tackles a reversal of H. P. Lovecraft’s The Outsider, in the movie Marebito.

Touching on some Italian horror. . . be sure to check out Dario Argento’s The Card Player. . .his most recent Giallo flick, and stack it up against his first movie, The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, which recently had a super-califragalistic-extra-special DVD release.  If Argento doesn’t do it for you, be sure to check out some Fulci and Bava films!

And if you want to take it back to the old school, be sure to check out Robert Wise’s classic haunted house movie, The Haunting, based on Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House.  This was an excellent, bigger budget, bigger cast homage to his early work with Val Lewton.

Another Lewton alumnus, Jacques Tourneur, turned in a Lewton throwback in 1957:  Night of the Demon, (AKA Curse of the Demon) which was an adaptation of M. R. James’s “Casting the Runes.”  The DVD features both the original British version of the film (Night of the Demon), and the shorter US version, (Curse of the Demon).  Very effective, and highly underrated.

We are starting to carry more anime in our DVD section, as well.  In addition to all the Miazaki films, we are carrying a wide selection of feature-length movies and TV material.  One Hentai-ish horror feature from the producers of Legend of the Overfiend is Mystery of the Necronomicon.  Not many tentacles in this one, and the Lovecraft connections are tenuous at best, but there is some over-the-top sex, and lots of murders, and some eyeball scooping.  Silly fun.

Another, less risqué anime title is Le Portrait De Petite Cossette, which is a surreal little story of the ghost of a girl trapped in an antique crystal goblet, who can be seen by the young proprietor of an antique store, who inevitably becomes obsessed with her.  Strange things ensue.  This one was weirdly haunting.

We are slowly expanding our anime section, with an emphasis on quality over quantity, and also with an emphasis on original video animations and feature-length movies.  If you have any suggestions of anime titles that we should be stocking, or that I should be watching, please drop me a line.

Until next month (which I hope proves to be much less hectic then this month), keep flipping those disks.

-Jeremy Lassen

Book Club Info

The Gay Men's Book Club will meet on Sunday, May 14th, at 5 pm to discuss OLD MAN'S WAR by John Scalzi.  The book for June 11th is SONGS OF DISTANT EARTH by Arthur C. Clarke.  Please contact the group leader, Christopher Rodriguez, at, for more information.

The Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club will meet on Sunday, May 21st, at 6 pm to discuss THE WATCHMEN by Alan Moore  The book for June 18th is THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES by Charles Stross.  Please contact Jude at for more information.

Upcoming Event Details

Thursday, May 11th at 8:00 pm:  John Picasio art show reception and book premiere for COVER STORY: THE ART OF JOHN PICACIO (Monkeybrain Books) - We're very proud to host the release party for the first collection of the breathtaking art of World Fantasy and Chesley award winning artist, John Picacio.  John will be on hand to discuss his work and sign autographs.  He will also be unveiling a display of his work that will hang at Borderlands for the next three weeks.  Take a look at his web site for a sneak peak ( ).

Thursday, May 11th at 8:00 pm: World Horror Convention Group Signing - Just in case Thursday isn't busy enough, at the same time as our party for John Picacio, Borderlands will be hosting a signing event for many of the authors who are attending the World Horror Convention.  Because of the sheer number of fabulous authors and artists attending WHC we have chosen to invite most (if not all) of the available attending authors as well as the guests of honor.  At current count this is more than 50 authors and artists.  As anyone who has ever seen the store knows, there is no way that we could fit enough tables and chairs into the store to seat that many people, so we are making this a very informal signing party!  The attending authors and artists will have name tags, so you can track them down for signatures and chatting in between admiring the artwork and nibbling snacks.  Those in attendance will include Maria Alexander, Mike Arnzen, Pete Atkins, Diana Barron, Hal Bodner, Brom, Ed Bryant, P.D. Cacek, Mort Castle, R.J. Cavendish, Alan Clark, Kevin L. Donihe, Gary Frank, GAK, Ray Garton, Sephera Giron, Christopher Golden, Cody Goodfellow, Deborah Grabien, Rain Graves, Boyd E. Harris, Glen Hirshberg, Bailey Hunter, Tina Jens, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Steve Jones, Brian Keene, Michael Laimo, Batton Lash, David Thomas Lord, Richard Lupoff, Carlton Mellick III, James A. Moore, Yvonne Navarro, Kim Newman, Phil Nutman, Weston Ochse, Chris Roberson, John Skipp, Koji Suzuki, Karen Taylor, Tim Waggoner, F. Paul Wilson, Simon Wood, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and many, many more!  This will be by far the largest signing that Borderlands has ever hosted, and you won't want to miss it!  (A special note for book dealers: Because of the unconventional nature of this event, it will not be possible for dealers to get large quantities of stock signed.  Please respect us and the visiting authors in this request.)

Thursday, May 11th: Sunday, May 14th: World Horror Convention in San Francisco - Yes, San Francisco is hosting the World Horror Convention this year!  Join Guests of Honor Kim Newman, Koji Suzuki, Brom, Bill Moseley, Toastmaster Peter Straub and lots more of your favorite authors at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway on Van Ness.  For more details on the convention, visit ( ).

Borderlands Party at the World Horror Convention, Friday, May 12th at 9:00 pm - See the From The Office column in this newsletter.

Tuesday, May 16th at 7:00 pm at New College of California, 777 Valencia Street - Islands in the Slipstream with Terry Bisson and Pat Murphy - SF in SF is a monthly series of science fiction author readings and discussions curated by Adam Cornford and Terry Bisson, with Karen Williams.  There is a $4 charge for this event.

Saturday, May 20th at 1:00 pm: Alan Dean Foster - Please join us in welcoming Alan Dean Foster, author of dozens of books and the creator of the beloved characters Pip and Flinx, among so many others.  From his web site: "Foster's work to date includes excursions into hard science-fiction, fantasy, horror, detective, western, historical, and contemporary fiction.  He has also written numerous non-fiction articles on film, science, and scuba diving, as well as having produced the novel versions of many films, including such well-known productions as Star Wars, the first three Alien films, and Alien Nation.  Other works include scripts for talking records, radio, computer games, and the story for the first Star Trek movie."  When he's not writing, Mr. Foster travels and adventures extensively.  You won't want to miss the chance to meet this fascinating author!

Saturday, May 20th at 3:00 pm: Michael Cadnum, CAN'T CATCH ME (Tachyon Publications) - Poet and novelist Michael Cadnum is the author of over two dozen books.  He has been a National Book Award Finalist and a Creative Writing Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts.  He was twice a finalist for the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award as well as a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award.  His newest collection of stories, CAN'T CATCH ME, contains eighteen myths and fairy tales retold; funny, biting, and startlingly new. 

Saturday, May 20th at 5:00 pm: Donald Sidney-Fryer, presenting George Sterling's THIRST OF SATAN (Hippocampus Press) - Donald Sidney-Fryer, the last of the Courtly Poets, will share his performance of and his insights about poet George Sterling.  Sterling is an unjustly forgotten American poet.  The pupil of Ambrose Bierce and the mentor of Clark Ashton Smith, Sterling achieved early fame with such "cosmic" poems as "The Testimony of the Suns" and "A Wine of Wizardry."  But these two works are just the most celebrated of many poems of fantasy and terror written by Sterling over a career that spanned three decades.  Come for the spectacle!

Sunday, May 21st at 3:00 pm: JAMES TIPTREE AWARD ANTHOLOGY VOL. 2 (Tachyon Publications) event with Michael Blumlein, Ellen Klages, Pat Murphy, and Julie Phillips - The Tiptree Award honors fiction that explores and expands gender.  Fiction that seduces and repels you. Informs and surprises you.  Pushes you around a little.  This second annual anthology features stories and essays chosen by the Tiptree judges to exemplify the innovative fiction written by Alice Bradley Sheldon as James Tiptree, Jr.  Thought-provoking and imaginative; humorous and infuriating -- a book that may change your view of the world.  Join us for this mind-expanding event!

Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th: Baycon 2006 in San Jose -  Baycon, The San Francisco Bay Area Regional Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, will be held Memorial Day weekend at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose.  Borderlands will be on hand selling books and checking out the convention!  For more info, see

Thursday, June 1st at 7:00 pm: Porco Rosso and Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade -  Borderlands and Variety Children's Charity invite you to an anime double feature!  The screenings will take place at Variety's Preview Room, located in The Hobart Building, 582 Market Street @ Montgomery, San Francisco.
Doors open at 6:30 pm and the first movie starts at 7:00 pm.  There will be one thirty-minute intermission between the two films. Seating is limited and seats are available on a first-come, first seated basis, so arrive early!  Refreshments will be available for purchase, and your purchase benefits Variety Children's Charity of Northern California, a non-profit organization that supports children in local communities who are dealing with poverty, neglect, violence, and physical disabilities.  For more information about upcoming movies, write  For more information on Variety Children's Charity, see their web site at  <> or write  For more information on the movies, see <link> and <link>.

Saturday, June 3rd at 7:00 pm: A Wake for Morbid Curiosity Magazine - To celebrate the release of the final issue of Morbid Curiosity, Automatism Press will host a reading at Borderlands.  Morbid Curiosity focuses on TRUE first-person encounters with the unsavory, unwise, unorthodox and unusual: all the dark elements that make life truly worth living.  Featured readers: Sherilyn Connelly drinks blood, Chris West sees a UFO, M. Parfitt braves a Collyer House, Keith Lowell Jensen wrestles his colon, Seth Flagsberg defends a murderer, Beth Touchette-Laughlin gets rid of the evidence, Karen Harper plans her own funeral, Will Walker disposes of the body, Lena Strayhorn visits a humunculus, Seth Lindberg fights monsters, and Raina Bird goes blind.  Emceed, as always, by the fabulous Loren Rhoads.

Saturday, June 10th: Ripley's Birthday Sale -  The hairless cat turns four.  Come down to the annual Ripley's Birthday Sale and celebrate with an indifferent feline!  Buy two used paperbacks and get a third of equal or lesser value free, and all non-book items in the store (excluding staff and cat, sorry) are 10% off!  Ripley will of course be on hand to greet admirers and be spoiled, and there will also be cake and cat treats (but not together).  Ripley says "I already have everything I need, so instead of bringing me gifts, please donate some money or volunteer time to the San Francisco SPCA ( ) or to Wildcare ( ).  You'd better come and adore me, though."  Borderlands will also be donating a portion of the day's profits to the SFSPCA and Wildcare.  We hope to see you here!

Sunday, June 18th at 2:00 pm: Jacqueline Carey, KUSHIEL'S SCION (Warner) -  Borderlands is thrilled to welcome back Jacqueline Carey!  Carey will be touring to promote the first book in the much-anticipated new trilogy in the Kushiel series.  KUSHIEL'S SCION follows Imriel's journey through adolescence to young manhood as he wrestles with his complicated heritage and the conflicting desires that drive him.
Imriel de la Courcel's birth parents are history's most reviled traitors, but his adoptive parents, the Comtesse Phedre and the warrior-priest Joscelin, are Terre d'Ange's greatest champions.  Stolen, tortured and enslaved as a young boy, Imriel is now a Prince of the Blood; third in line for the throne in a land that revels in art, beauty and desire.  It is a court steeped in deeply laid conspiracies--and there are many who would like to see the young prince dead.   Despite his enemies, obstacles, and lineage, Imriel's greatest challenge is discovering how to be good and find his true self.  His journey to heal his soul is fraught with sorrow and joy beyond all expectation.
Jacqueline Carey writes with a unique blend of epic fantasy, historical flavor, and erotica.  Her previous publications include the nationally bestselling Kushiel's Legacy series, which includes KUSHIEL'S DART, KUSHIEL'S CHOSEN, and KUSHIEL'S AVATAR. 

Borderlands event policy - all events are free of charge.  You are welcome to bring copies of an author's books purchased elsewhere to be autographed (but we do appreciate it if you purchase something while at the event).  For most events you are welcome to bring as many books as you wish for autographs.  If you are unable to attend the event we will be happy to have a copy of the author's books signed or inscribed for you.  We can then either hold it until you can come in to pick it up or we can ship it to you.  Just give us a call or drop us an email.  If you live out of town, you can also ship us books from your collection to be signed.  Call or email for details.

Chapter Two - Book Listings

Small Press Features


She Loves Monsters by Simon Clark (Necessary Evil Press, Hardcover, $35.00) - 450 signed and numbered limited edition copies.

Bloodstained Oz by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore (Earthling Publications, Hardcover, $35.00) -  500 numbered copies signed by the authors.

Black Dust and Other Tales of Interrupted Childhood by Graham Joyce (Westwood St. Thomas, Hardcover, $44.94) - 125 signed and numbered limited edition copies, and also available in Trade Paperback, $17.92 , 800 signed and numbered limited edition copies.

Screaming Science Fiction - Horrors From Out of Space by Brian Lumley (Subterranean, Hardcover, $35.00) - Limited to 1500 numbered copies.

Necroscope by Brian Lumley (Subterranean, Hardcover, $75.00) -  500 signed and numbered limited edition copies.  Illustrated by Bob Eggleton

Cinema Macabre edited by Mark Morris (PS Publishing, Hardcover, $150.00) - 200 signed and numbered copies, and Trade Hardcover, $45.00, 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies.  Introduction by Jonathan Ross.

Face of Twilight by Mark Samuels (PS Publishing, Hardcover, $45.00) - 300 signed and numbered copies, and Trade Paperback, $18.00, 500 signed limited edition copies.  Introduction by Mark Morris.

Corpse Blossoms  edited by Julia Sevin and R.J. Sevin (Creeping Hemlock, Hardcover, $40.00) - Limited to 500 copies. Stories by Tom Piccirilli, Bentley Little, Ramsey Campbell, and others!

Last Rakosh by F. Paul Wilson (Overlook Connection, Hardcover, $34.95) - One of 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies, and unsigned Trade Hardcover, $29.95.  The only previous printing of this novella was in the (now difficult to find) program book for the World Fantasy Convention.  A must for fans of Repairman Jack.

Fine Cuts by Dennis Etchison (PS Publishing, Hardcover, $90.00) - 200 signed and numbered limited edition copies, and Trade Hardcover, $45.00, 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies . Introduction by Peter Atkins.

Postscripts vol. 6 - Spring 2006 edited by Peter Crowther (PS Publishing, Other Hardcover, $45.00) - One of 150 signed and numbered copies, and Softcover, $10.00.  Contains stories by Juliet McKenna, Stephen Baxter, Steven Erikson, Rhys Hughes, Garry Kilworth, Conrad Williams and others.

Eulogies - A Horror World Yearbook 2005 edited by Nanci Kalanta (Nyx Publications, Trade Paperback, $15.95) - One of 300 signed limited edition copies. Put together by editor and webmaster Nanci Kalanta, Eulogies compiles countless stories, articles, interviews and anecdotes from the Horror World website during 2005. No need to keep those screen printouts -- you can now have a limited edition trade paperback full of your favorite previously-online-only memories.

Wolff & Byrd - Counselors of the Macabre by Batton Lash (Sidebar Books, Oversized Softcover, $7.95)

Things Beyond Midnight by William F. Nolan (Babbage Press, Trade Paperback, $17.95)

Unholy Dimensions by Jeffrey Thomas (Mythos, Trade Paperback, $20.00)

Never Seen By Waking Eyes by Stephen Dedman (Infrapress, Trade Paperback, $15.95)

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Aubrey Beardsley (Reveries ) by Patrick Bade (Parkstone Press, Other Hardcover, $14.95)

The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner (Benbella, Hardcover, $28.00) - Signed by cover artist Bob Eggleton.

Can’t Catch Me and Other Twice-Told Tales by Michael Cadnum (Tachyon, Trade Paperback, $14.95)

Babylon by Richard Calder (PS Publishing, Hardcover, $90.00) - 200 signed and numbered limited edition copies, and Trade Hardcover, $45.00, 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies.  Introduction by K.J. Bishop.

Night of Knives - A Novel of Malaz by Ian Cameron Esslemont (PS Publishing, Trade Paperback, $25.00) - Introduction by Steven Erikson.

The Dragon Lensman by David A. Kyle (Red Jacket Press, Trade Paperback, $15.95) - Based on the characters created by E.E. “Doc” Smith.  Illustrated by Ron Miller.

Z-Lensman by David A. Kyle (Red Jacket Press, Trade Paperback, $15.95) - Based on the characters created by E.E. “Doc” Smith.  Illustrated by Ron Miller.

Lensman from Rigel by David A. Kyle (Red Jacket Press, Trade Paperback, $15.95) - Based on the characters created by E.E. “Doc” Smith.  Illustrated by Ron Miller.

Judgment Night by C.L. Moore (Red Jacket Press, Hardcover, $39.95) - This limited edition facsimile reprint volume is a complete and detailed reproduction of the original first edition, fully authorized, and includes a full-color dust jacket, protective slipcase, and a card with detailed biographical information about the author. Originally published by Gnome Press in 1952. Jacket design by Frank Kelly Freas.

On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers (Babbage Press, Trade Paperback, $19.95) - Finally this rare Powers novel is back in print.  Powers's typical mix of the supernatural and historical, with pirates!  How much better does it get?  Recommended by Alan.

Roads by Seabury Quinn (Red Jacket Press, Hardcover, $29.95) - This limited edition facsimile reprint volume is a complete and detailed reproduction of the original first edition, fully authorized, and packaged in a deluxe gift box that includes a booklet with detailed biographical information about the author and illustrator. The dust jacket and gift box both feature the beautiful metallic gold ink of the original Arkham House edition. Illustrated by Virgil Finlay.

Imaro by Charles Saunders (Night Shade Books, Trade Paperback, $14.95)

Children of the Atom by Wilmar H. Shiras (Red Jacket Press, Hardcover, $39.95) - This limited edition facsimile reprint volume is a complete and detailed reproduction of the original first edition, fully authorized, and includes a full-color dust jacket, protective slipcase, and a card with detailed biographical information about the author. Originally published by Gnome Press in 1953.  Jacket design by Frank Kelly Freas.

A Splendid Chaos by John Shirley (Babbage Press, Trade Paperback, $19.95)

Christmas Inn by Gene Wolfe (PS Publishing, Other Hardcover, $35.00) - A signed hardcover is being sent to all hardcover Postscript subscribers and an additional 200 copies are available for sale.

Impossible Stories by Zoran Zivkovik (PS Publishing, Hardcover, $90.00) - 200 signed and numbered limited edition copies, and Trade Hardcover, $45.00, 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Introduction by Paul DiFilippo. Translated from Serbian by Alice Copple-Tosic. 

New and Notable

Nonfiction, etc:

The Magical Worlds Of Philip Pullman by David Colbert (Berkley, Trade Paperback, $14.00)

Lord Of The Shadows - Cirque Du Freak vol. 11 by Darren Shan (Little, Brown, Hardcover, $15.99)

The Horrific Sufferings Of The Mind-Reading Hercules Barefoot - His Wonderful Love And His Terrible Hatred by Carl-Johan Vallgren (HarperCollins, Hardcover, $23.95) - Translated by Paul and Veronica Britten-Austin.

Happily Ever After: A Collection of Cartoons to Chill the Heart of Your Loved One by Chas Addams (Simon and Schuster, Oversized Hardcover, $20.00)

Goth-Icky - A Macabre Menagerie of Morbid Monstrosities by Michael J. Nelson (Abrams, Other Softcover, $15.95) - By Charles S. Anderson Design Co.

Dead And Loving It by Mary Janice Davidson (Berkley, Trade Paperback, $14.00)

Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi (Berkley, Trade Paperback, $9.99)

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk (Anchor Books, Trade Paperback, $13.95)

Fishboy by Mark Richard (Anchor Books, Trade Paperback, $15.00)

Broken - Women of the Otherworld vol. 6 by Kelley Armstrong (Bantam Spectra, Mass Market, $6.99)

Smiling Wolf by Philip Carlo (Leisure, Mass Market, $6.99)

The Attraction by Douglas Clegg (Leisure, Mass Market, $6.99)

Wolf’s Trap by W.D. Gagliani (Leisure, Mass Market, $6.99)

Survivor by J.F. Gonzalez (Leisure, Mass Market, $6.99)

The Conqueror Worms by Brian Keene (Leisure, Mass Market, $6.99) - Previously published as Earthworm Gods.

Master Of Wolves by Angela Knight (Berkley, Mass Market, $7.99)

After Midnight by Richard Laymon (Leisure, Mass Market, $7.99)

The Immaculate by Mark Morris (Leisure, Mass Market, $6.99)

Past Redemption - Darkwing Chronicles vol. 2 by Savannah Russe (Signet, Mass Market, $6.99)

Awaken Me Darkly by Gena Showalter (Down Town Press, Mass Market, $6.99)

Deathbringer by Bryan Smith (Leisure, Mass Market, $6.99)

Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks (Avon, Mass Market, $5.99)

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Dark Rain by Conor Corderoy (Macmillan, Hardcover, $23.95)

The Fortress of Glass - Crown of the Isles vol. 1 by David Drake (Tor, Hardcover, $25.95) - It is rare when a novel set in an established fictional universe dramatically departs from the tone and structure of the previous books.  Yet The Fortress of Glass (1st in the Crown of the Isles trilogy but preceded by six other Isles novels) is substantially different from Drake's other recent fantasies.  I will not give any plot-spoilers but the ending of Fortress left me surprised and dying for the next book.  In many ways it is a return to the feeling that the first two novels in this sequence engendered in me.  My understanding is that Fortress begins a trilogy that will bring to a close the Isles sequence of novels.  It is interesting to note that, though part of a larger sequence, Fortress can be read without the eariler books and will stand alone equally well.  Recommended by Alan.

Flight of the Nighthawks - Darkwar Saga vol. 1 by Raymond E. Feist (Eos, Hardcover, $25.95)

Boundary by Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor (Baen, Hardcover, $26.00)

1634: The Ram Rebellion by Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce (Baen, Hardcover, $25.00)

Grantville Gazette vol. 2 - Sequels to 1632 edited by Eric Flint (Baen, Hardcover, $25.00)

Harald by David D. Friedman (Baen, Hardcover, $24.00)

Mystic Empire - Bronze Canticles vol. 3 by Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman (Warner, Hardcover, $25.95)

In the Eye of Heaven by David Keck (Tor, Hardcover, $25.95) - This first novel came highly recommended by Steven Erickson and after reading it, I can see why.  Though it has a mild problem with an uneven pace as is common with first novels, it was a solid read.  Fans of Martin and Erickson will enjoy the gritty realism of this stand alone fantasy.  The magic is painted with a very light touch and the author does an outstanding job of creating a world that operates under the rules of chivalry and the divine right of kings without resorting to Christianity as the underlying support.  The actual reasons for the conduct of knights and nobles is grounded in a far more practical matter of survival.  Recommended by Alan.

One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey (Luna, Hardcover, $24.95)

Wolf Hunting - Through Wolf’s Eyes vol. 5 by Jane Lindskold (Tor, Hardcover, $27.95) - We have a few signed copies left!

River of Gods by Ian McDonald (Pyr, Hardcover, $25.00)

Once Upon An Autumn Eve - A Novel Of Faery by Dennis L. McKiernan (Roc, Hardcover, $23.95)

Cadmain’s Choice - Corean Chronicles vol. 5 by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor, Hardcover, $27.95)

Firebirds Rising edited by Sharyn November (Firebird, Hardcover, $19.99) - Signed by Kara Dalkey, Ellen Klages, and editor Sharyn November.

Kildar by John Ringo (Baen, Hardcover, $26.00) - Sequel to GHOST

East of the Sun, West of the Moon: The Council Wars by John Ringo (Baen, Hardcover, $24.00)

Karavans by Jennifer Roberson (DAW, Hardcover, $25.95)

Thraxas at War - Thraxas vol. 5 by Martin Scott (Baen, Hardcover, $24.00)

Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer (Baen, Hardcover, $25.00) - Sequel to TINKER

Tersias the Oracle by G.P. Taylor (Putnam, Hardcover, $17.99)

The Silver Bough by Lisa Tuttle (Bantam, Hardcover, $22.00)

Red Lightning by John Varley (Ace, Hardcover, $24.95) - Sequel to RED THUNDER

In Fury Born by David Weber (Baen, Hardcover, $27.00)

The Crooked Letter - Books of the Cataclysm vol. 1 by Sean Williams (Pyr, Hardcover, $25.00)

Among The Dolls by William Sleator (Starscape, Other Softcover, $5.99)

Enchanted World - The Art of Anne Sudworth by Anne Sudworth (Paper Tiger, Oversized Softcover, $21.95)

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor (Egmont, Trade Paperback, $12.39)

Treasure Forest by Cat Bordhi (Ace, Trade Paperback, $14.00)

The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint (Firebird, Trade Paperback, $7.99)

Vellum - The Book of All Hours vol. 1 by Hal Duncan (Del Rey, Trade Paperback, $14.95)

Strange Relations by Philip Jose Farmer (Baen, Trade Paperback, $13.00) - Omnibus edition of THE LOVERS, FLESH, & STRANGE RELATIONS.

The Science Fiction Century vol. 1 edited by David G. Hartwell (Orb, Trade Paperback, $21.95)

The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson (Puffin, Trade Paperback, $ 6.99)

Druids by Morgan Llywelyn (Del Rey, Trade Paperback, $14.95)

Worldstorm by James Lovegrove (Gollancz, Trade Paperback, $15.18)

Gradisil by Adam Roberts (Gollancz, Trade Paperback, $22.01)

The Destiny Mask by Martin Sketchley (Pyr, Trade Paperback, $15.00)

Grass by Sherri S. Tepper (Gollancz, Trade Paperback, $16.82) - SF Masterworks #48.

Empire From The Ashes - The Dahak Omnibus by David Weber (Baen, Trade Paperback, $15.00) - Omnibus containing Mutineer’s Moon, The Armageddon Inheritance and Heirs Of Empire

To Serve And Submit by Susan Wright (Roc, Trade Paperback, $14.00)

Beyond Infinity by Gregory Benford (Warner, Mass Market, $6.99)

Lords Of Grass And Thunder by Curt Benjamin (DAW , Mass Market, $7.99) - Set in the universe of the Seven Brothers.

Arthur And The Minimoys by Luc Besson (Harper, Mass Market, $5.99) - Translated by Ellen Sowchek.  And yes, it's the same Besson who directed La Femme Nakita.

Doppelganger by Marie Brennan (Warner, Mass Market, $6.99)

Last of the Wilds - Age of the Five vol. 2 by Trudi Canavan (Eos, Mass Market, $7.99)

Migration - Species Imperative vol. 2 by Julie E. Czerneda (DAW , Mass Market, $7.50)

Pilgrim - Wayfarer Redemption 5 by Sara Douglass (Tor, Mass Market, $7.99)

The Amber Wizard - Osserian Saga vol. 1 by David Forbes (Eos, Mass Market, $7.99)

The Shining City - Rhiannon’s Ride vol. 2 by Kate Forsyth (Roc, Mass Market, $7.99)

Dead as a Doornail - Sookie Stackhouse vol. 5 by Charlaine Harris (Ace, Mass Market, $7.99)

The Dragon Quintet edited by Marvin Kaye (Tor, Mass Market, $6.99) - Five original short novels by Orson Scott Card, Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, Elizabeth Moon and Michael Swanwick.

Once Upon A Summer Day - Faery vol. 2 by Dennis L. McKiernan (Roc, Mass Market, $7.99)

Resolution - Nulapeiron vol. 3 by John Meaney (Bantam, Mass Market, $13.50)

Bad Prince Charlie by John Moore (Ace, Mass Market, $6.99)

The City, Not Long After by Pat Murphy (Firebird, Mass Market, $7.99)

Building Harlequin’s Moon by Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper (Roc, Mass Market, $7.99)

Throne of Jade - Temeraire vol. 2 by Naomi Novik (Del Rey, Mass Market, $7.50)

The Gate - Exploration Chronicles vol. 4 by Kevin D. Randle (Ace, Mass Market, $6.99)

Map of Bones by James Rollins (Avon, Mass Market, $7.99)

Flights: Extreme Visions Of Fantasy vol. 2 edited by Al Sarrantonio (Roc, Mass Market, $7.99) - Contains stories by Patricia A. McKillip, Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman, Harry Turtledove and more.

The Hidden Family - Merchant Princes 2 by Charles Stross (Tor, Mass Market, $7.99)

Double Vision by Tricia Sullivan (Orbit, Mass Market, $15.18)

Warp Speed by Travis S. Taylor (Baen, Mass Market, $7.99)

The Crimson Sword - Legend of Asahiel vol. 1 by Eldon Thompson (Eos, Mass Market, $7.99)

Novel Ideas: Science Fiction edited by Brian M. Thomsen ed. (DAW , Mass Market, $7.50) - Contains stories by Anne McCaffrey, John Varley, Greg Bear, David Brin and more.

The Ophiuchi Hotline by John Varley (Ace, Mass Market, $6.99)

Bolo! by David Weber (Baen, Mass Market, $7.99) - Created with Keith Laumer.

The Stonehenge Gate by Jack Williamson (Tor, Mass Market, $6.99)

Midnight Magic by Rebecca York and Susan Kearney (Tor, Mass Market, $6.99) - Jeanie London is the third author.

New and Notable DVDs

A Snake of June directed by Shinya Tsukamoto (Tartan Asia Extreme, DVD, $24.99)

Art of the Devil directed by Thanit Jitnukul (Tokyo Shock, DVD, $19.95) - Thai

The Believers directed by John Schlesinger (MGM, DVD, $14.95)

Birth of the Wizard: Eko Eko Azarak #2 directed by Shimako Sato (Tokyo Shock, DVD, $8.98) - Japanese

Black Belly of the Tarantula directed by Paolo Cavara (Blue Underground, DVD, $19.95)

Cigarette Burns (Masters of Horror) directed by John Carpenter (Anchor Bay, DVD, $16.98)

Cube Zero directed by Ernie Barbarash (Lions Gate, DVD, $19.98)

Curse, Death & Spirit directed by Hideo Nakata (AsiaVision, DVD, $19.95) - Japanese anthology horror film from the director of Ringu.

Dreams In the Witch House (Masters of Horror) directed by Stuart Gordon (Anchor Bay, DVD, $16.98)

The Flesh Eaters directed by Jack Curtis (Dark Sky Films , DVD, $19.98)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire directed by Mike Newell (Warner, DVD, $30.97)

Hellevator directed by Hiroki Yamaguchi (Tokyo Shock, DVD, $29.95) - Japanese

Howl’s Moving Castle directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Disney, DVD, $29.99)

King Kong (2005) directed by Peter Jackson (Universal Pictures, DVD, $30.98)

Marebito directed by Takashi Shimizu (Tartan Asia Extreme, DVD, $24.99) - Japanese

Misa The Dark Angel: Eko Eko Azarak #3 directed by Katsuhito Ueno (Tokyo Shock, DVD, $8.98) - Japanese

My Neighbor Totoro directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, DVD, $29.99) - Miyazaki’s most well known, and possibly best film.

R-Point directed by Su-Min Hah (Tartan Asia Extreme, DVD, $24.99) - Korean

Scary True Stores: Ten Haunting Tales From the Japanese Underground directed by Norio Tsuruta (Dark Sky Films , DVD, $19.98) - Japanese Anthology Horror film.

Sorum directed by Yoon Jong-Chan (Tartan Asia Extreme, DVD, $24.99) - Korean

Tetsuo: The Iron Man directed by Shinya Tsuamoto (Tartan Asia Extreme, DVD, $24.99) - Japanese

Vital directed by Shinyah Tsukamoto (Tartan Asia Extreme, DVD, $24.99)

Wizard of Darkness: Eko Eko Azarak #1 directed by Shimako Sato (Tokyo Shock, DVD, $8.98) - Japanese

Featured Upcoming Titles

(These titles have not arrived yet.  You may pre-order any of these books by calling or emailing us.  Prices may be subject to change.  Of course, we have many more titles arriving each week . . . call or email us if you're curious about a particular upcoming title not listed here.)

Maul by Tricia Sullivan (Night Shade Books, Trade Paperback, $14.95) - Sheri S. Tepper meets Neal Stephenson in this feminist-cyberpunk thriller by Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author Tricia Sullivan.
In a mall, a gang of teenage girls is caught in a maelstrom of violence and shopping.  But it’s not only their own lives they will have to fight for— it’s that of a man trapped in another world, with very different enemies; a man they haven’t met, but who could change the future of the human race.  Recommended by Jude.

Prador Moon by Neal Asher (Night Shade Books, Trade Paperback, $14.95) - "The Polity Collective is the pinnacle of space-faring civilization. Academic and insightful, its dominion stretches from Earth Central into the unfathomable reaches of the galactic void. But when the Polity finally encounters alien life in the form of massive, hostile, crablike carnivores known as the Prador, there can be only one outcome… total warfare.
Chaos reigns as the Polity, caught unawares, struggles to regain its foothold and transition itself into a military society. Starships clash, planets fall, and space stations are overrun, but for Jebel Krong and Moria Salem, two unlikely heroes trapped at the center of the action, this war is far more than a mere clash of cultures, far more than technology versus brute force… this war is personal."

Giant Lizards From Another Star by Ken MacLeod (NESFA, Slipcased Signed and Numbered (200 copies) Harcover $40.00, and Limited Edition (1000 copies) Trade Hardcover $25.00 - Essays, poems, stories, con reports and much, much more!

The Unblemished by Conrad Williams (Earthling, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition (500 copies) Hardcover) -  From Earthling Publications: "From British Fantasy Award-winner Conrad Williams. . . comes THE UNBLEMISHED.
A blood-crazed lover of amputee victims.
A mother determined to protect her only daughter no matter the cost.
A serial killer who believes he is the rightful son and heir to a horrific, ancient dynasty.
And one dying man who must make a stand against a horde of vengeful monsters who knew the shadows of London before the city even had a name.
This Halloween, if they catch you, you will beg for death...
THE UNBLEMISHED is an original novel by Conrad Williams and the second book in Earthling's popular Halloween Series, coming October 2006 as a hardcover limited edition."

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