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Events and News from Borderlands Books

July, 2006

Chapter One - Event Information, News, and Special Feature

Katharine Kerr, THE GOLD FALCON, Saturday, July 15th at 3:00 pm

Richard A. Lupoff, "An Evening with Richard Lupoff", Saturday, July 15th at 5:00 pm

SF in SF with Michael Blumlein and Michael Cadnum at New College of California (777 Valencia Street), Tuesday, July 18th at 7:00 pm

Barth Anderson, THE PATRON SAINT OF PLAGUES, Saturday, July 22nd at 3:00 pm

Peter S. Beagle, THE LINE BETWEEN, Sunday, August 6th at 1:00 pm

Elaine Isaak, THE SINGER'S CROWN, Sunday, August 6th at 3:00 pm

Mark Budz, IDOLON, Saturday, August 12th at 1:00 pm

David Thomas Lord, BOUND IN FLESH, Saturday, August 12th at 3:00 pm

Ray Garton, LIVE GIRLS, Saturday, September 9th at 3:00 pm

Kage Baker, DARK MONDAYS and THE MACHINE'S CHILD, Saturday, October 7th at 3:00 pm

(for more information check the end of this section)


*We begin our news on a sad note this month.  Famed editor Jim Baen passed away late last month., at age 62.  You can read the obituary that David Drake wrote at: <>.

*News from Simon Clark: "To mark the release of my latest novel, LONDON UNDER MIDNIGHT (Severn House), a vampire story in the tradition of VAMPYRRHIC, I've made a short film called Secret Realms, Haunted Places.  It visits some of the places that helped inspire my work, with shots of Bram Stoker's Whitby and the house where he stayed when vacationing there.  After that there's a virtual tour of London where LONDON UNDER MIDNIGHT takes place.  One of the most intruiging things I came across was a six thousand year old figurine of a woman who appears to be wearing a funky pair of sunglasses!

Here's the film link:


All the best,

Simon Clark"

*Tips From Tim: Thanks to Tim Waggoner for permission to reprint his following tips for finding more time to write!

How to Find More Time to Write

* Make a Commitment to Your Writing: The stronger your commitment to your writing, the easier it will be to make (not find) the time to write.  This is the first and most important step.
* Set Writing Goals for Yourself: Setting clear and achievable goals is an effective method to increase productivity.  Breaking a larger project into smaller pieces -- an outline, sections, chapters, various drafts -- and setting deadlines for each piece can be a big help as well.
* De-Clutter Your Life: Do you have any time-sinks in your life?  Do you cruise the Internet too much, post on message boards too often, watch too much mindless TV?  Are there chores you can do more efficiently or farm out to someone else?  The fewer non-writing activities you engage in, the more writing time you'll have.
* Write First Thing in the Morning: The world can't interfere with your work if you do it before anything else in your day.
* Write Before Going to Bed: If the rest of the world (or at least the people in your house) are asleep, there's no one to pester you and take up your time.
* Write During Breaks: Breaks at work, downtime while waiting in the parking lot for the kids to finish an extracurricular activity, etc.  Make the most of these snatches of time by writing in a notebook or laptop.  If nothing else, you can outline or make story notes.
* Make an Appointment to Write: Set a specific time of the day to write (and it can be different times on different days, depending on your schedule).  Set a specific length of time, as well.  One hour, two, whatever works.  Keep this appointment at all costs and stick to the time you've selected.  Schedule everything else in your day around it.
* Set a Daily Page Quota: No matter when you do them, you know that everyday before you hit the sack, you need to produce a certain amount of pages.  (Three pages, five pages, whatever you can do in a twenty-four hour period.)
* Put Out the Do-Not-Disturb Sign: Close the door to your writing room and make sure that no one disturbs you for anything less than a life-threatening emergency.
* Get the Heck Out of There: Writing off-site, at a place where no one knows who you are and can make no demands of you -- such as the stereotypical coffeehouse -- can work wonders for a writer's productivity.
*Try a Weekend Getaway: Even if it's just in your own town, take a weekend vacation away from work, family, and friends.  Book yourself into a hotel and just write, write, write.

From The Office

Once again Alan is being Contractor Guy working on the Cafe and hasn't had time to write anything smart or even articulate.  Watch this space next month where there'll either be something interesting or his obituary.

Top Sellers At Borderlands

1)   Kushiel's Scion by Jacqueline Carey
2)   Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton
3)   Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey
4)   Rainbow's End by Vernor Vinge
5)   The Clan Corporate by Charles Stross
6)   Glasshouse by Charles Stross
7)   Giant Lizards From Another Star by Ken MacLeod (NESFA)
8)   Crystal Dragon by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
9)   Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton
10) Conflagration by Mick Farren
      Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link

1)   A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison
2)   Accelerando by Charles Stross
3)   Child of a Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold
4)   Mammoth by John Varley
5)   The Oracle's Queen by Lynn Flewelling
6)   Spin by Robert Charles Wilson
7)   Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds
8)   Brass Man by Neal Asher (UK Import)
9)   Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
10) A Princess of Roumania by Paul Parks

Trade Paperbacks
1)  The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks
2)  Prador Moon by Neal Asher
3)  Maul by Tricia Sullivan
4)  Shadow at the Bottom of the World by Thomas Ligotti
5)  Chains That You Refuse by Elizabeth Bear
     A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick

Notes From a DVD Geek

Hello to all you movie fans out there.  Sorry I missed you last month.   There’s a couple of months worth of DVD’s to get caught up on, and a few specific things I want to point out to you.  

First up, if you were anywhere in the US in June, the 6.6.06 ad campaign for the new Omen remake was everywhere.  Oddly enough, just as that cynical exercise in numerology was in the theaters, the original Omen was nowhere to be found on video store shelves.  The studios, in their infinite wisdom re-released a “special edition” version of the classic movie, and of course, it didn’t come out until June 26th, so when everyone was scrambling around to get a copy of the original, it wasn’t anywhere to be found.  I don’t know if this so that people couldn’t compare the turgid remake to the original, or if they simply didn’t realize that when remakes come out, sizable number of people beat the bush looking for the original.  Anyway, the original Omen movie was a classic of the horror genre, and an incredibly good piece of film making, with an A-list cast, and a score that is absolutely brilliant.  If you haven’t seen it in a while, be sure to check out the new Special Edition DVD, which is available now.

Sticking to the horror side of the fence, the latest Korean horror movie from Tartan DVD, Cello, hits the shelves this month, and it's pretty damn good.  It goes for the mood and atmosphere and is a bit more complex and slower then your average k-horror film, but what it lacks in pacing it makes up for with a stylish, brooding tension.  Mi-ju is a brilliant cellist who craves peace and stability after surviving a car crash, which killed her best friend.  Haunted by terrifying memories of the accident, she forgos a career in music, in favor of teaching college students and her daughter how to play.  Things start to go wrong, and there is something strange and horrible about the music coming from her daughters cello.

Sticking to the horror side of the fence, the latest Korean horror movie from Tartan DVD hits the shelves this month, and it's pretty damn good.  It goes for the mood and atmosphere and is a bit more complex and slower then your average k-horror film, but what it lacks in pacing it makes up for with a stylish, brooding tension.  Mi-ju is a brilliant cellist who craves peace and stability after surviving a car crash, which killed her best friend.  Haunted by terrifying memories of the accident, she forgos a career in music, in favor of teaching college students and her daughter how to play.  Things start to go wrong, and there is something strange and horrible about the music coming from her daughters cello.

Another stylish horror/fantasy movie that shouldn’t be missed is the Russian film, Night Watch.  It received a limited theatrical release, and is now out on DVD.  Based on a Russian novel of the same name, this movie is the first of a trilogy.  Night Watch has non-stop pacing, a gritty, interesting setting (contemporary Russia) and a pretty kick-ass cosmology that is part “blade,” part “buffy the vampire slayer” and part Jim Butcher.  This one is totally fun, and I can’t wait to see It’s sequal, Day Watch.

For those of you with a strong constitution, the recent trend in 21st century grindhouse/exploitation homages are all pretty much on DVD now.  This trend in horror . . . of grueling “torture” based movies that are endurance tests for the audience . . . movies that take sadistic glee in making you as uncomfortable as possible . . . has been dominating the horror box-office for the last year.  The movie that pre-dated the current crop of commercial releases is Rob Zombies House of a Thousand Corpses.  Proof that Zombie is a man ahead of his time -- House failed miserably at the box office after Universal Pictures refused to even distribute it because it was too grim.   Apparently all that was needed to make this type of picture commercially viable was the cultural back drop of Abu Ghraib and the torture scandals that have wracked the country.  Because nasty, flawed little movies like High Tension (an French entry into the genre) found a place in the art-house circuit, and its first time director was hired by Hollywood to helm the remake of one of the original exploitation films, The Hills Have Eyes.  Another first time director got into the mix with Saw, and this tiny little movie with a micro budget and trick ending found a HUGE audience… So huge that the studios rushed a sequel into production within a week or two of the Saw’s theatrical release.  Even Quentin Tarantino, the original grind house auteur, got on the torture train, producing Eli “Cabin Fever” Roth’s Hostel.  Another copy cat that followed the wake of Hostel was Wolf Creek.

Taken together, these films (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes Remake, Hostel, Wolf Creek, Saw, and Saw II), and their box office successes, provide an interesting, albeit unflattering look at the American psyche.  And they are all available now on DVD for your viewing pleasure(?).

Of course, the original Hills Have Eyes, directed by Wes Craven, is also available, as is Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses.

For another interesting peak into the American psyche, I’m going to recommend a movie that is only peripherally Fantasy . . . it’s a big budget A-list foray into the sword and sandal genre called The Kingdom of Heaven.  If you heard anything about this movie, I want you to forget it.  When it was released theatrically in the late summer of ’05, Troy and Alexander had already beaten it to the market and both of those sword and sandal epics had bombed.  So the studio panicked, and had 45 minutes of the movie excised.  They removed an entire (and I think important) subplot and totally undermined the film.  I myself didn’t bother seeing it in the theaters or when it came out on DVD because I had heard so many bad things about it.  But I got curious when I heard about a 4 disk “directors cut” of the movie.  Ridley Scott is the director and he’s been kind of hit or miss for me lately.  I figured this four-disk version of the movie would vindicate him, or completely cement his reputation as a egotistical creator of bloated, overwrought movies.

I gotta say, the directors cut totally vindicates him.  This movie was truly spectacular.  Its got an brilliant cast that deliver some wonderful performances.  Its got a smart, savy, socially relevant and at least semi-historically accurate script.  Its got battle scenes that rival the Lord of the Rings.  Its got everything a movie should have.   And it’s two-and-a-half hours long.  And unlike SOME 2.5 hour long movies I could name (cough-King Kong cough-Dead Man’s Chest-cough), this one feels like its half the length.  There’s not an ounce of fat on this movie.

If I still haven’t convinced you to pick it up, Let me try some more . . .  .  It’s about the Crusades . . . .  It chronicles the Siege of Jerusalem . . . .  It stars Orlando Bloom in the best performance of his career (not saying much, I know . . . but he really delivers in this one) . . . .  Liam Neeson, showing off his acting talents in a way that demonstrates why he was the best part of certain Star Wars/Bat Man Movies . . . .   And pay attention or you might not recognize them but its got Jeremy Irons and Edward Norton turning in some very spiffy performances . . . .  And most importantly, its got a cast of dozens of character actors you’ve never heard of before that deliver the goods in spades.  Damn good stuff.  Required viewing for any film buff, and a perfect example that, despite their efforts to the contrary, good movies can occasionally emerge from the bloated Hollywood studio system.

On a completely different note, all you Borderlands customers seem to be eating up the animated films of Hayao Miyazaki, so we are slowly expanding our line of feature length anime titles.  Some titles to look for include Akira, Steamboy, Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade, KITE, Blood the last vampire, Perfect Blue, R.O.D, Ghost in the Shell, and a host of others.  If you’ve got a favorite anime movie that you think we should carry, be sure and drop me a note. 

Until next time..

-Jeremy Lassen

Book Club Info

The selection for August is TIME GYPSY by Ellen Klages.  Please contact the group leader, Christopher Rodriguez, at, for more information.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club will meet on Sunday, July 16th, at 6 pm to discuss THE GHOST PIRATES by William Hope Hodgson.  The book for August is EXCESSION by Iain M. Banks.  Please contact Jude at for more information.

Upcoming Event Details

Saturday, July 15th at 3:00 pm: Katharine Kerr, THE GOLD FALCON (DAW) - Borderlands Books is very happy to host a reading and booksigning with Katharine Kerr, who is well known on both sides of the low, meandering stone wall that separates High Fantasy from Science Fiction.  Her epic Deverry series has won her millions of fans around the world.  Her SF novels include POLAR CITY BLUES and RESURRECTION.  A native of Ohio, she has lived in the Bay Area since time began, back in the 1960s.  Her new novel is called THE GOLD FALCON.

Saturday, July 15th at 5:00 pm: "An Evening with Richard Lupoff" - Richard A. Lupoff is a prolific author -- in addition to his two dozen novels and more than 40 short stories, he has also edited many anthologies and the award-winning fanzine XERO.  At this event, Mr. Lupoff will read several short stories, present the video of his story "12:01 PM", answer questions, sign books and generally be convivial.  His most recent collection is called TERRORS, and he will also appear in the upcoming and eagerly-awaited anthology HARDBOILED CTHULHU: TWO-FISTED TALES OF TENTACLED TERROR.  Please join us to meet a science fiction scholar and legend!

Tuesday, July 18th at 7:00 pm: SF in SF with Michael Blumlein and Michael Cadnum at New College of California (777 Valencia Street) - SF in SF is a monthly science fiction author reading series curated by Adam Cornford, Karen Williams and Terry Bisson.  The theme for July 18th is "Genre Benders".  From their press release: "MICHAEL BLUMLEIN M.D. is the author of X,Y (now a minor motion picture), THE BRAINS OF RATS, and most recently THE HEALER, headlining Pyr's prestigious new SF list.  A frequent Bram Stoker (horror) and World Fantasy Award nominee, Blumlein lives in San Francisco where he both practices and teaches medicine at the University of California.
'The Healer [is a] haunting literary SF novel...original, surreal and extraordinary!'
--Publishers Weekly

MICHAEL CADNUM has been a National Book Award Finalist and a Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts.  He was twice a finalist for the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award as well as a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award.  CAN'T CATCH ME, a collection of his short stories, has just been released by Tachyon.  He lives in Albany, CA.
'Cadnum knocks us off our platitudes and sends us sliding elsewhere...and we are smoothly swept into a new field of perception.' --Ted Kooser, US Poet Laureate 
There will be a discussion and book signing after the event, and Borderlands will be on hand to sell books.  This event costs $4.00 to attend.

Saturday, July 22nd at 3:00 pm: Barth Anderson, THE PATRON SAINT OF PLAGUES (Bantam Spectra) -  Borderlands is pleased to host a reading and signing with up-and-coming author Barth Anderson!  From "Anderson has some serious writing chops, and he delivers a page turner that is at once a medical thriller, cyberpunk romp and provocative tease."  Barth Anderson's short stories have appeared in Asimov's, Strange Horizons, Polyphony, Alchemy, Talebones, The Journal of Mythic Arts, and a variety of other quality venues.  He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and son.  THE PATRON SAINT OF PLAGUES is his first novel.

Sunday, August 6th at 1:00 pm: Peter S. Beagle, THE LINE BETWEEN (Tachyon Publications) - Peter S. Beagle is the author of many works of fantasy including THE LAST UNICORN.  He has also written screenplays and nonfiction, as well as being a talented folksinger.  His newest collection of stories is called THE LINE BETWEEN.  From the publisher's website: "A sequel to the beloved Last Unicorn is the jumping-off point for this fresh collection of short stories from a master fantasist.  In these long-awaited, powerful new tales, reincarnated lovers and waning kings rub shoulders with heroic waifs.  Schmendrick the magician returns to adventure, as does the ghost of an off-Broadway actor and a dream-stealing shapeshifter.  Gordon, the delightfully charming "self-made cat" appears for the first time in print, taking his place alongside Stuart Little as a new favorite of the young at heart.  These wide ranging, beautifully told stories contain sly humor and resounding depth. This is a collection to charm the many fans of literary fantasy."  Don't miss the opportunity to hear Peter read from this excellent new collection!

Sunday, August 6th at 3:00 pm: Elaine Isaak, THE SINGER'S CROWN (Eos) - Borderlands is happy to host an event for Elaine Isaak, author of THE SINGER'S CROWN.  "When his uncle murders his family to take the throne, Prince Kattanan DuRhys is the only royal left alive. . . at a terrible cost.  Stripped of his manhood, he can neither fight for his rightful place, nor sire heirs to overthrow the kingdom's tyrranical new ruler. . . Forces beyond Kattanan are merging to alter his destiny and push him toward his birthright--with the aid of a disgraced prince, a mysterious wizard, a powerful magic-breaker, a fiancee he doesn't want, and the man who loves her. "  Meet Elaine and find out exactly why you don't want to be her hero!

Saturday, August 12th at 1:00 pm: Mark Budz, IDOLON (Bantam Spectra) -  Borderlands is glad to welcome back Mark Budz, the Norton Award winning author of CLADE.  From the author's site: "[IDOLON] is a departure from the biopunk future of CLADE and CRACHE, and uses programmable matter to explore the affect of image on identity in a mass-mediated society.  Electronic skin – a membrane woven out of nanoscopic semiconducting threads – makes it possible for anybody to digitally 'philm' himself or herself to look like someone else.  This is done by downloading images from movies, video games, or any other digitized media.  It's a world where people can be anyone they want to be, where they pray that the change is more than skin deep, where they philm themselves to be part of a certain 'cast,' and where appearance says as much about who they are as what they are."  Join us to meet Mark and find out more about this fascinating novel.

Saturday, August 12th at 3:00 pm: David Thomas Lord, BOUND IN FLESH (Kensington) -  From the book jacket: "Art critic Jean-Luc 'Jack' Courbet and aspiring actor and model Claude Halloran have a wicked secret, one that has cost many their lives -- they are vampires.  Jack was transformed a century ago by his stepfather and he himself turned his lover Claude into a creature of the night.  From New York to Paris to Las Vegas they roam the nightclubs and streets, prowling for the men who will satisfy their desires and their hunger, and creating legions of followers who worship them -- even beyond the grave.
But one of their creations is not so helpless.  In ex-cop Mike O'Donald, Jack has mistakenly created a new type of vampire, one with a thirst for revenge -- and a powerful ally who can teach him the secrets of Tantric sex magic.  As flesh and fantasy become inseparable, Jack and Claude's fiendishly depraved empire terrorizes Sin City, and only Mike, with his new powers, stands a chance of saving the helpless from a fate far worse than death."  Meet David and hear him read from the sexy follow-up to BOUND IN BLOOD!

Saturday, September 9th at 3:00 pm: Ray Garton, LIVE GIRLS (Leisure) - From the new cover copy: "The garish neon lights of New York City’s Times Square can be very seductive.  And so can the promises of dark pleasures on the seedier side streets.  To Davey Owen, the lure of a glowing sign advertising 'Live Girls' is too hard to resist.  He was looking for a little entertainment.  He finds instead a nightmare in the form of a beautiful but strangely pale woman.  A woman who offers him passion, ecstasy—and eternal life—but takes in exchange his lifeblood and his very soul."  LIVE GIRLS is a vampire classic, but it also a skillful, beautiful and terrible look at sexuality and obsession in the shabby world of 1980's Times Square.  Meet Ray Garton and celebrate the paperback re-release of the book that made him famous!

Saturday, October 7th at 3:00 pm: Kage Baker, DARK MONDAYS (Nightshade Books) and THE MACHINE'S CHILD (Tor) - Kage Baker has not one but two fabulous books coming out!  DARK MONDAYS is a bittersweet collection of stories in which (Publisher's Weekly says) "the supernatural matter-of-factly touches the shabby lives of people in small, isolated towns, providing resolution and revelation."  THE MACHINE'S CHILD is the next Company book, picking up where CHILDREN OF THE COMPANY left off.  It is impossible to describe without spoilers, so we'll just say that the unlikely cavalry heads off to rescue Mendoza from her exile, and then. . .darnnit, you'll just have to read the book!  Come chat with Kage and find out what is next in store for this talented author and her poor, benighted characters. 

Borderlands event policy - all events are free of charge.  You are welcome to bring copies of an author's books purchased elsewhere to be autographed (but we do appreciate it if you purchase something while at the event).  For most events you are welcome to bring as many books as you wish for autographs.  If you are unable to attend the event we will be happy to have a copy of the author's books signed or inscribed for you.  We can then either hold it until you can come in to pick it up or we can ship it to you.  Just give us a call or drop us an email.  If you live out of town, you can also ship us books from your collection to be signed.  Call or email for details.

Chapter Two - Book Listings

Small Press Features

Miscellaneous Material:

Polder - A Festchrist for John Clute and Judith Clute edited by Farah Mendlesohn (Old Earth Books, $40.00, Hardcover) - A collection of 27 essays, poems and stories presented in honour of John Clute and Judith Clute.

Lovecraft’s New York Circle - The Kalem Club 1924-1927 edited by Mara Kirk Hart and S.T. Joshi (Hippocampus Press, $15.00, Trade Paperback)

Soundings: Reviews 1992 - 1996 by Gary K. Wolfe (Beccon, $40.00, Trade Paperback) - Signed by Gary K. Wolfe


The Quiet by Kealan Patrick Burke (Subterranean, $12.00, Chapbook)

Secret Stories by Ramsey Campbell (PS Publishing, $45.00, Hardcover) - One of 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies.  There is also a 200 copy signed and numbered limited edition for $90.00.

Poe’s Lighthouse edited by Christopher Conlon (Cemetery Dance, $40.00, Hardcover) - One of 1000 signed limited edition copies. Stories by Tim Lebbon, Richard Lupoff, Rudy Rucker and others.

Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear by Terry Dowling (Cemetery Dance, $40.00, Hardcover) - One of 750 signed and numbered limited edition copies.

The Pines by Robert Dunbar (Delirium Books, $50.00, Hardcover) - One of 240 signed and numbered limited edition copies

The Shell Collector by Christopher Golden (Cemetery Dance, $30.00, Hardcover) - One of 750 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Cemetery Dance novella series number 18.

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill (PS Publishing, $45.00, Hardcover) - One of 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Introduction by Christopher Golden.  There is also a $25.00 trade paperback edition as well as a 200 copy signed and numbered limited edition for $90.00.

Blindsided by Barry Hoffman (Delirium Books, $50.00, Hardcover) - One of 185 signed and numbered limited edition copies

The Sense of the Past: The Ghostly Stories of Henry James by Henry James (Tartarus, $65.00, Hardcover) - One of 300 limited edition copies

The Shadow at the Bottom of the World by Thomas Ligotti (Subterranean, $50.00, Hardcover) - Limited to 400 signed and numbered copies.

Nowhere Near an Angel by Mark Morris (PS Publishing, $45.00, Hardcover) - One of 500 signed and numbered limited edition copies.

Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors by Weston Ochse and David Whitman (Delirium Books, $50.00, Hardcover) - One of 220 signed and numbered limited edition copies

The Colour Out of Darkness by John Pelan (Cemetery Dance, $30.00, Hardcover) - One of 750 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Cemetery Dance novella series number 17.

Mondo Zombie edited by John Skipp (Cemetery Dance, $35.00, Hardcover) - Stories by Caitlin Kiernan, Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum and others.

Phantoms at the Phil by Gail-Nina Anderson and Chaz Brenchley (Side Real Press, $29.95, Other Hardcover) - Sean O’Brien is third author. Preface by Chaz Brenchley. Introduction by Ramsey Campbell. One of 300 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Includes CD with all three authors

Taverns of the Dead edited by Kealan Patrick Burke (Cemetery Dance, $150.00, Oversized Hardcover) - One of 400 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Stories by Ramsey Campbell, Tim Lebbon, Edward Lee and others

Shivers IV (vol. 4) edited by Richard Chizmar (Cemetery Dance, $20.00, Trade Paperback) - Includes stories by Brian Keene, Ray Garton, T.M. Wright and others.

Lurker in the Lobby - A Guide to the Cinema of H.P. Lovecraft by Andrew Migliore and John Strysik (Night Shade Books, $19.95, Trade Paperback) - Reviews, interviews with John Carpenter, Jeffrey Combs, Roger Corman, Guillermo Del Toro, and much, much more!

Dog Killer by Stephen Notley (Tachyon, $12.95, Trade Paperback)

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Dark Mondays by Kage Baker (Night Shade Books, $49.00, Hardcover) - Limited to 175 signed copies. This limited edition contains an extra story that does not appear in the trade edition: “Dark Mondays and Peculiar Tuesdays”. Cover art by Mike Dringenberg.

Dark Mondays by Kage Baker (Night Shade Books, $26.95, Hardcover) - Cover art by Mike Dringenberg.

They Have Not Seen the Stars - The Collected Poetry of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury (PS Publishing, $45.00, Hardcover)

S is for Space by Ray Bradbury (PS Publishing, $150.00, Hardcover) - One of 200 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Revised and illustrated edition. Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke. Introduction by Tim Powers.  There is also a 500 copy unsigned and numbered edition for $45.00.

R is for Rocket by Ray Bradbury (PS Publishing, $150.00, Hardcover) - One of 200 signed and numbered limited edition copies. Revised and illustrated edition. Foreword by Ray Harryhausen Introduction by Michael Marshall Smith.  There is also a 500 copy unsigned and numbered edition for $45.00.

The Wish by Ray Bradbury (Hill House, $95.00, Other Hardcover) - One of 52 signed and lettered limited edition copies. Comes in a numbered matching envelope.  There is also a 250 copy signed and numbered edition for $35.00.

Giant Lizards From Another Star by Ken MacLeod (NESFA, $25.00, Hardcover) - One of 1000 numbered copies.

The Separation by Christopher Priest (Old Earth Books, $25.00, Hardcover) - Signed by Christopher Priest on a laid-in signature sheet.

Masque of Manana by Robert Sheckley (NESFA, $29.00, Hardcover)

Once Upon a Time (She Said) by Jane Yolen (NESFA, $26.00, Hardcover)

Beyond the Fears of Tomorrow by Casey Robert Swanson (Dailey Swan Publishing, $9.95, Other Softcover)

The Legend of GrimJack vol. 4 by John Ostrander (IDW Publishing, $24.99, Oversized Softcover) - Illustrated by Timothy Truman

Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice by Adrianne Ambrose (Dailey Swan Publishing, $12.95, Trade Paperback) - Cover by Ted Naifeh.

Prador Moon by Neal Asher (Night Shade Books, $14.95, Trade Paperback) - A novel of The Polity

The Engineer Reconditioned by Neal Asher (Cosmos, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks (Night Shade Books, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

The Chains That You Refuse by Elizabeth Bear (Night Shade Books, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

Renegade - Marq’ssan Cycle vol. 2 by L. Timmel Duchamp (Aqueduct, $19.00, Trade Paperback)

Mindscape by Andrea Hairston (Aqueduct , $19.50, Trade Paperback)

Apers by Mark Jansen and Barbara Day Zinicola (Dailey Swan Publishing, $12.95, Trade Paperback)

Ex-Cathedra by Rebecca Maines (Twilight Tales, $12.00, Trade Paperback)

Through My Glasses Darkly by Frank M. Robinson (KaCSFFS, $7.00, Trade Paperback) - One of 326 signed and numbered copies. 

New and Notable

Nonfiction, etc:

Kicking the Sacred Cow - Questioning the Unquestionable and Thinking the Impermissible by James P. Hogan (Baen, $7.99, Mass Market)

The Deeper Meaning of Liff: A Dictionary of Things There Aren’t Any Words for Yet - But There Ought to Be by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd (Three Rivers, $12.00, Trade Paperback)

The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Harold Schechter and David Everitt (Pocket, $16.00, Trade Paperback) - Revised and updated.

Birthday and The Crimson Labyrinth by Koji Suzuki (Vertical, $12.00, Advance Reading Copy/Uncorrected Proof) - This ADVANCE READING COPY contains the complete text of “Lemon Heart” from BIRTHDAY, an excerpt from THE CRIMSON LABYRINTH by Yusuke Kishi, and “Adrift” from DARK WATER by Koji Suzuki.

Stationary Bike by Stephen King (Simon and Schuster, $20.00, Audio Book - CD) - Unabridged audio book on 2 CDs.

Secret Story by Ramsey Campbell (Tor, $25.95, Hardcover)

Undead and Unpopular - Undead vol. 5 by MaryJanice Davidson (Berkley, $22.95, Hardcover)

Danse Macabre - Anita Blake vol. 14 by Laurille K. Hamilton (Berkley, $25.95, Hardcover)

Smoke and Ashes - Smoke vol. 3 by Tanya Huff (DAW , $24.95, Hardcover)

Necroscope: The Touch by Brian Lumley (Tor, $25.95, Hardcover)

Demon Thief - Demonata vol. 2 by Darren Shan (Little,Brown, $15.99, Hardcover)

The Forbidden by L.A. Banks (St. Martin's, $7.99, Mass Market)

Siege Perilous by Nigel Bennett and P.N Elrod (Baen, $7.99, Mass Market)

Touch The Dark by Karen Chance (Roc, $6.99, Mass Market)

A Fistful of Charms - Rachel Morgan vol. 4 by Kim Harrison (HarperTorch, $7.99, Mass Market) - Signed by Kim Harrison.

Requiem by Graham Joyce (Tor, $7.99, Mass Market)

Into The Fire by Richard Laymon (Leisure, $7.99, Mass Market)

Gil’s All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez (Tor, $6.99, Mass Market)

Shelter by L.H. Maynard and M.P.N. Sims (Leisure, $6.99, Mass Market)

A Bite To Remember by Lynsay Sands (Avon, $6.99, Mass Market)

Fingers by William Sleator (Tor, $6.99, Mass Market)

Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn (Warner, $6.99, Mass Market)

Hunting the Hunter by Shiloh Walker (Berkley, $6.99, Mass Market)

Shadow of The Moon by Rebecca York (Berkley, $6.99, Mass Market)

The Art of Noir by Eddie Muller (Overlook Press, $35.00, Oversized Softcover)

The Damned - A Vampire Huntress Legend vol. 6 by L.A. Banks (St. Martin's, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

The Forsaken - A Vampire Huntress Legend vol. 7 by L.A. Banks (St. Martin's, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

California Demon by Julie Kenner (Berkley, $14.00, Trade Paperback) - Sequel to CARPE DEMON.

Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy (Luna, $13.95, Trade Paperback)

Dirty Tricks - Raven Hill Mysteries vol. 5 by Emily Rodda (Scholastic, $4.99, Trade Paperback)

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Ruby by Francesca Lia Block (Harper, $21.95, Hardcover)

The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold (Hill House, $55.00, Hardcover) - One of 750 signed and numbered limited edition copies

Kushiel’s Scion - Kushiel’s Legacy vol. 4 by Jacqueline Carey (Warner, $26.95, Hardcover) - Signed by Jacqueline Carey.

Destiny’s Forge - A Man-Kzin Novel by Paul Chafe (Baen, $25.00, Hardcover) - Series created by Larry Niven.

Ghosts of Blood and Innocence - Wraethehu Histories vol. 3 by Storm Constantine (Tor, $27.95, Hardcover)

Fall of Knight by Pater David (Ace, $24.95, Hardcover) - Sequel to KNIGHT LIFE and ONE KNIGHT ONLY.

Children of Chaos - Dodec Books vol. 1 by Dave Duncan (Tor, $25.95, Hardcover)

Conflagration by Mick Farren (Tor, $27.95, Hardcover) - Sequel to KINDLING.  Fans of Mick Farren's surreal, hallucenogenic, high-speed fiction will adore this sequel to KINDLING.  Spies, kidnapping, sex, alcohol and the mysterious (and omnipresent) Yancey Slide  -- how much better does it get?

The Candle of Distant Earth by Alan Dean Foster (Del Rey, $23.95, Hardcover)

The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq (Knopf, $24.95, Hardcover) - Translated from French by Gavin Bowd

The Gold Falcon - Silver Wyrm vol. 1 by Katherine Kerr (DAW , $24.95, Hardcover)

Valentine’s Exile - Vampire Earth vol. 5 by E.E. Knight (Roc, $23.95, Hardcover)

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch (Bantam Spectra, $23.00, Hardcover)

Chinatown Death Cloud Peril by Paul Malmont (Simon and Schuster, $24.00, Hardcover)

The Virtu by Sarah Monette (Ace, $24.95, Hardcover) - Sequel to MELUSINE

The Last Witchfinder by James Morrow (William Morrow, $25.95, Hardcover)

Beast Master’s Quest by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie (Tor, $24.95, Hardcover)

The Baby Merchant by Kit Reed (Tor, $24.95, Hardcover)

Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds (Ace, $25.95, Hardcover)

Choosers of the Slain by John Ringo (Baen, $25.00, Hardcover) - Sequel to GHOST and KILDAR

Keeping it Real by Justina Robson (Gollancz, $35.08, Hardcover)

Black Order by James Rollins (William Morrow, $24.95, Hardcover)

Glasshouse by Charles Stross (Ace, $24.95, Hardcover)

Obsidian Key - Legend of Asahiel vol. 2 by Eldon Thompson (Harper, $24.95, Hardcover)

Dragon and Herdsman - Dragonback vol. 4 by Timothy Zahn (Starscape, $17.95, Hardcover)

The Lightstone by David Zindell (Tor, $25.95, Hardcover)

Scattered Suns - Saga of the Seven Suns vol. 4 by Kevin J. Anderson (Warner, $6.99, Mass Market)

Children of the Serpent Gate - Tears of Artamon vol. 3 by Sarah Ash (Bantam Spectra, $7.50, Mass Market)

The First Betrayal by Patricia Bray (Bantam Spectra, $6.99, Mass Market)

The Lost Fleet: Dauntless by Jack Campbell (Ace, $6.99, Mass Market)

Godslayer - Sundering vol. 2 by Jacqueline Carey (Tor, $7.99, Mass Market)

Bonds of Vengeance - Winds of the Forelands vol. 3 by David B. Coe (Tor, $7.99, Mass Market)

Code Noir - Parrish Plessis vol. 2 by Marianne de Pierres (Roc, $6.99, Mass Market)

The Oracle’s Queen by Lynn Flewelling (Bantam Spectra, $7.50, Mass Market)

The Light Years Beneeth My Feet by Alan Dean Foster (Del Rey, $6.99, Mass Market)

Staying Dead by Laura Anne Gilman (Luna, $6.99, Mass Market)

Isle of the Dead by Julia Gray (Orbit, $9.99, Mass Market)

Ice Mage by Julia Gray (Orbit, $9.99, Mass Market)

Judas Unchained - Commonwealth Saga vol. 2 by Peter F. Hamilton (Pan, $16.28, Mass Market)

Dark Heart - Seeker Chronicles vol. 2 by Betsy James (Simon Pulse, $5.99, Mass Market)

Long Night Dance - Seeker Chronicles vol. 1 by Betsy James (Simon Pulse, $5.99, Mass Market)

The Quest by Susan Kearney (Tor Romance, $6.99, Mass Market)

The Tainted - Isles of Glory vol. 3 by Glenda Larke (Ace, $7.99, Mass Market)

The Sword of Angels by John Marco (DAW , $7.99, Mass Market) - Sequel to THE EYES OF GOD and THE DEVIL’S ARMOR

First Warning: Acorna’s Children by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Eos, $7.99, Mass Market)

Dragonsblood by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey (Ballantine, $7.50, Mass Market)

Blood and Memory - Quickening vol. 2 by Fiona McIntosh (Eos, $7.99, Mass Market)

The Last Mortal Man - Deathless vol. 1 by Syne Mitchell (Roc, $6.99, Mass Market)

Melusine by Sarah Monette (Ace, $7.99, Mass Market)

Black Powder War - Temeraire vol. 3 by Naomi Novik (Del Rey, $7.50, Mass Market)

A Princess of Roumania by Paul Park (Tor, $7.99, Mass Market)

Lady of Mazes by Karl Schroeder (Tor, $7.99, Mass Market)

Accelerando by Charles Stross (Ace, $7.99, Mass Market)

The Scepter’s Return - Scepter of Mercy vol. 3 by Harry Turtledove and Dan Chernenko (Roc, $7.99, Mass Market) - Harry Turtledove writing as Dan Chernenko

Specials - Uglies vol. 3 by Scott Westerfeld (Simon Pulse, $15.95, Other Hardcover)

The ACME Catalog by Charles Carey and Scott Gross, illus. (Chronicle Books, $14.95, Other Softcover) - An entire catalog of (mostly) fictional products for Looney Tunes characters to purchase at their own risk!

Grease Monkey by Tim Eldred (Tor, $27.95, Oversized Hardcover) - Introduction by Kurt Busiek.

Paper Dolls - Y: The Last Man vol. 7 by Brian K. Vaughn (Vertigo/DC Comics, $14.99, Oversized Softcover) - Originally published in single magazine form as Y: The Last Man #37-42

Dawn Star by Catherine Asaro (Luna, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear (Roc, $14.00, Trade Paperback)

Magic Street by Orson Scott Card (Del Rey, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

Lord Byron’s Novel by John Crowley (Harper, $15.95, Trade Paperback)

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow (Tor, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

Infoquake - Jump 225 vol. 1 by David Louis Edelman (Pyr, $15.00, Trade Paperback)

The Exile Kiss by George Alec Effinger (Tor, $14.95, Trade Paperback) - Sequel to WHEN GRAVITY FAILS and A FIRE IN THE SUN

Legends of the Riftwar by Raymond E. Feist and William R. Forstchen (Eos, $13.95, Trade Paperback)

Zootsuit Black by Jon George (Tor, $21.92, Trade Paperback)

Bring It On - A Retrievers Novel by Laura Anne Gilman (Luna, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

In Your Dreams by Tom Holt (Orbit, $12.50, Trade Paperback)

Across the Face of the World - Fire of Heaven vol. 1 by Russell Kirkpatrick (Orbit, $16.28, Trade Paperback)

The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd (Gollancz, $25.68, Trade Paperback)

The Hope by James Lovegrove (Gollancz, $14.40, Trade Paperback)

The Mirror Prince by Violette Malan (DAW , $15.00, Trade Paperback)

The Dark Mirror - The Bride Chronicles vol. 1 by Juliet Marrillier (Tor, $15.95, Trade Paperback)

Od Magic by Patricia A. Mckillip (Ace, $14.00, Trade Paperback)

The Hammer of Darkness by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor, $13.95, Trade Paperback)

Spin Control by Chris Moriarty (Bantam Spectra, $12.00, Trade Paperback)

The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman (Scholastic, $2.99, Trade Paperback)

Mindswap by Robert Sheckley (Orb, $14.95, Trade Paperback)

Pay The Piper by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple (Starscape, $5.99, Trade Paperback)

New and Notable DVDs

Blood and Black Lace directed by Mario Bava (VCI, $14.99, DVD) - 2 Disk SE, featuring commentary by Tim Lucas, of Video Watchdog magazine.

Bride of Re-Animator directed by Brian Yuzna (Artisan, $14.98, DVD)

Chocolate: Masters of Horror directed by Mick Garris (Anchor Bay, $16.99, DVD)

Dawn of the Dead: Ultimate Edition directed by George Romero (Anchor Bay, $49.99, DVD) - Contains 3 different versions of the movie, plus a feature-length documentary, on 4 DVDs.

Delicatessen directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Miramax, $29.99, DVD)

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow / Ghost in the Invisible Bikini directed by William Hole and Don Weis (MGM, $14.98, DVD)

Ghost Story directed by John Irvin (Universal Pictures, $14.99, DVD) - Based on the novel of the same name by Peter Straub

Hatchet for the Honeymoon directed by Mario Bava (Image Entertainment, $24.99, DVD)

Heirloom directed by Leste Chen (Tartan Asia Extreme, $24.98, DVD) - Taiwan Horror

Horror Express directed by Eugenio Martin (Geneon, $5.99, DVD) - Starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

House of 1000 Corpses directed by Rob Zombie (Lion’s Gate, $14.99, DVD) - Clamshell edition, rather then original packaging. Starring Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon. Interactive menus, audition and rehearsal footage, interviews and other bonus material.

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road: Masters of Horror directed by Don Coscarelli (Anchor Bay, $16.99, DVD)

The Omega Man directed by Boris Sagal (Warner, $9.99, DVD) - Based on Richard Matheson’s I AM LEGEND

Phantom of the Opera directed by Dario Argento (Ardustry, $9.98, DVD) - Unrated edition, with Anamorpic Widescreen, and full frame edition.

Spider Forest directed by Song Il-Gon (Tartan Asia Extreme, $24.98, DVD) - Korean Horror / Thriller

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance - Vengance Trilogy Vol. 2 directed by Park Chanwook (Tartan Asia Extreme, $24.98, DVD) - Korean Horror / Thriller

Tales of Frankenstein / The Terror directed by Curt Siodmak and Roger Corman (Alpha Video, $7.99, DVD)

Two-Headed Transplant / The Thing with Two Heads directed by Anthony M. Lanza (MGM, $14.98, DVD)

Wishing Stairs directed by Yoon Jae-Yeon (Tartan Asia Extreme, $24.98, DVD) - Korean Horror. Third in the “Ghost School” Trilogy.

Featured Upcoming Titles

(These titles have not arrived yet.  You may pre-order any of these books by calling or emailing us.  Prices may be subject to change.  Of course, we have many more titles arriving each week . . . call or email us if you're curious about a particular upcoming title not listed here.)

Forest Mage - Soldier Son vol. 2 by Robin Hobb (Eos, Hardcover, $25.95) - The third volume in this anxiously-awaited series will be called RENEGADE MAGIC.

Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders by Neil Gaiman (Morrow, Hardcover, $26.95) - As we understand it, this collection reprints some hard-to-find stories and contains at least one new one.

Dzur by Steven Brust (Tor, Hardcover, $24.95) - The newest Vlad Taltos book goes on sale August 8th.

Spirits That Walk in Shadow by Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Viking, Hardcover, $17.99) - As far as I'm converned, any new Nina Hoffman title is a cause for celebration.  Recommended in advance by Jude.

Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (Miramax, Trade Paperback, $13.95) - Very cool urban fantasy that was made into a Russian blockbuster movie in 2004 -- this is the first English language edition.

Upcoming from Tachyon Publications:
Year's Best Fantasy 6 edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer (Trade Paperback, $14.95)

Catalyst: A Novel of Alien Contact by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
(Trade Paperback, $14.95)- A boy, fleeing a bullying classmate, inadvertently makes first contact with a race of aliens who live beneath the surface of his planet. Exploring such subjects as the dynamics of dysfunctional families and human society's greed-based political system, the book has eerie psychological undercurrents and tells an emotionally compelling and surprisingly sensual story.

Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms by Suzy McKee Charnas
(Trade Paperback, $14.95)

The Cat's Pajamas by James Morrow (Trade Paperback, $14.95)

The James Tiptree Award Anthology 3 edited by Karen Joy Fowler, Pat Murphy, Debbie Notkin, Jeffrey D. Smith (Trade Paperback, $14.95)

The Fate of Mice by Susan Palwick (Trade Paperback, $14.95)

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